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This country's transport problems have arisen because of the way we all travel. It is not solely down to the school run, the commuter run, the business run or the leisure run. The fact is we are all part of the problem and the solution.

Members of the NTWA actively work with all the stakeholders who have an influence on our need to travel. Many have developed close links with business across the country. The groups may be known by different names in different part of the country, but all work towards the goal of sustainable travel.#

Give me an example
For examples of how NTWA members have worked successfully with local employers, take a look at:

  • Winchester Commuter Forum
    Winchester Commuter Forum works with local employers to reduce their staff's impact on the local environment.

  • Company TravelWise in Birmingham
    The aim of Company TravelWise® in Birmingham is to help employers to improve the travel choices for their staff.

  • Travel for Work in Cambridgeshire
    Travel for Work is a network of employers working to reduce traffic congestion in Cambridgeshire.
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