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What is a Travel Plan?

A travel plan is a general term for a package of measures tailored to the needs of individual companies and aimed at promoting greener, cleaner travel choices and reducing reliance on the car.

It involves the development of a set of mechanisms and targets that together, can enable an organisation to reduce the impact of travel and transport on the environment. It can also bring a number of other benefits to your organisation as an employer and to staff.

Benefits for a company

  • increased productivity from a healthier, motivated workforce
  • potential cost savings
  • reduced congestion
  • reduced demand for parking and improved access

Benefits for staff

  • cost and time savings
  • improved health
  • better quality of life

Benefits for the environment

  • cleaner air
  • lower noise levels
  • a reduction in the country's contribution to global warming

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Don't waste your time trying to write your own guidance notes on how to develop travel plans - a fairly comprehensive library of guidance reports is already available.

Why not tailor them to your own needs.

For the very latest, visit the DfT web-site and have a look at the travel plan pages. In particular...

A FREE Travel Plan Resource Pack

A Travel Plan Resource Pack for Employers is available from the Energy Saving Trust.  It provides background infomation, practical tips and guidance for employers.


Employer Travel Plans

The Energy Saving Trust; a non-profit company established by the Government to help the UK meet its international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas.  To find out more about employer travel plans  Click here

Free Site Specific Advice for businesses

The Energy Saving Trust provides a free consultancy service, which is funded by DfT to organisations with energy bills greater than £50,000 per year. Consultants identify energy-saving opportunities and provide practical advice on how to achieve these.  To enquire about a consultation or to receive more information click here.



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