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This section is a series of short articles designed to take the mystery out of some of the commonest technical terms and issues which school travel plans involve. No longer need you be baffled by bureaucrat-speak or bamboozled by the language of engineers.

Click on any of the following headings for more information on technical topics:

Where to find accident data and how the data is collected.

Development control
Planning committees are demanding a commitment to change and asking for school travel plans.

Engineering solutions
Outlines the costs of various engineering solutions such as traffic managment and pedestrian schemes.

Home zones or play streets
Sophisticated traffic calming that gives the streets back to the people who live in them.

Local transport plans
How do school travel plans fit in?

Where drivers can and can't park.

Pedestrian crossings
Overview of the different types of pedestrian crossing.

Public rights of way
How to tell your BOATs from your RUPPS.

School crossing patrols
What powers they have and where to locate them.

School entrance measures
What can be done in the immediate area of a school entrance.

Traffic calming
Some traffic calming measures (including speed humps, speed cameras and 20 mph zones), their effects and their costs.

Traffic regulation orders
What they are and why they can take a long time.

Traffic wardens
What are traffic wardens?

Zebra crossings
See under Pedestrian crossings

Zig-zag markings
See under School entrance measures

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